Honoring service, brewing patriotism.

We are a veteran-led coffee company dedicated to crafting exceptional blends that celebrate our heroes, inspire unity, and ignite a passion for freedom in every sip. From the battlefield to your cup, we serve with pride.

Donate Coffee for our Troops

We at Patriots Arise Coffee, are raising funds to send coffee to our first responders as a small token of appreciation for their unwavering dedication and sacrifices in keeping our borders safe. Your contribution ensures they stay fueled and supported as they bravely serve on the front lines.

Join The Cause, Drink More Coffee!

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What makes it different 

Patriotic Arise coffee stands out for its commitment to sourcing high-quality beans from around the world, supporting local farmers and communities. Additionally, it may embody a patriotic ethos by contributing a portion of its proceeds to charitable causes that benefit veterans, active-duty military, or other national initiatives. This unique blend of quality, community support, and a dedication to national causes sets Patriotic coffee apart from other brands, creating a meaningful and distinctive coffee experience.



  • Fritz

    We're really enjoying your Patriots Arise coffee. My favorite is the Freedom Fuel! Thanks for all you do to 'Wake People Up'! (pun intended)

  •  Kathy Frederick

    Wow!  This Patriots Arise coffee has ruined me for anything else. It's so fresh and smells so wonderful -- I almost want to throw some into my essential oil diffuser!  My Red, White & Brew is smooth and not acidic at all.  I try to keep my coffee consumption to one cup per day, but this really tests my limits!

    I look forward to my morning coffee before my feet even touch the floor.

    On top of that, it arrives in a timely manner and the customer service is stellar. They are attentive, helpful and kind.  I love to support Patriot owned companies as well. 

    Get yourself some!

  • AEF

    For the first time that you smell the aroma to the last sip of the coffee, let this coffee be an adventure you will always remember. Patriots Arise is simply more than another coffee, it’s an experience that you need to enjoy. I really appreciate the smooth, low acidic taste of freshly brewed coffee whether first thing in the morning or the decaf later that night. Whether you're the novice to the connoisseur of excellent taste of freshly ground coffee, Patriots Arise Coffee is the choice.

  • Veteran

    Indulging in the rich aroma and robust flavor of this coffee has become a daily ritual that elevates my mornings. Its smooth profile and energizing kick make it an essential part of my day, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

    Savoring the delightful notes of this decaf coffee has redefined my evenings. A perfect blend that lets me unwind without compromising on taste – a soothing, flavorful companion for moments of relaxation.

  • JJ

    Embracing the patriotic spirit with each sip of this medium blend coffee. Its harmonious balance captures the essence of unity, delivering a taste that resonates with the pride of a nation. A truly uplifting experience in every cup.

  • Randy & Patricia Johnson

    Being a coffee fan for most of my life. When I first tasted Patriots Arise Coffee the first thing I noticed was the aroma and smooth flavor. With no acidic taste that most coffee’s have, I can’t help but give it a 10 on a scale of 1-10. Ten being the best.